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Our team will listen to your needs and tap into our network to find the right developers for you.

European Companies

Our partners are all European companies, so you don't have to worry when outsourcing.

Free of Charge

We will find the right developers for you at no cost - our team will receive a commission from our partners only when we close the deal.

The Developer Dilemma

In Finland, finding a senior developer who is both affordable and reliable is no easy task. It is estimated that, in 2020, we have a shortage of more than 10.000 such professionals in the country.

As the current global situation shows, however, being digital is a necessity, not a luxury. In a competitive market, companies that insist in doing everything in the analog way will be risking their businesses. 


Finding the Right Developers

We understand the many variables involved when looking for developers. Can they program in the language you need? Are they experienced enough to deal with the demands of your project? Will they be required only for short-term assignments or longer roles?

This is why we have established a network of tech talent. With it, we can find the best people for your company needs.

Close to Home

Outsourcing can be a challenging experience, especially when the parties involved cannot communicate effectively and expectations are not met.

We have chosen to partner only with companies that can keep the project management close to home precisely because of this. Now, you can rest assured that the top people in your team are close by and ready to act! 


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